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Leontovicha str., 3
Leontovicha str., 3
Martini terrace restaurant

Martini Terrace restaurant - это не только место с уютной крышей и закрытой террасой, но и вкусной европейской, японской и украинской кухнями. Постоянная работа над собой и новые решения позволяют нам быть интересными для вас с далекого 1992 года. 

Good wine with a perfect snack for it
Correctly selected snack will allow you to fully feel the bouquet of taste of good wine. From what to consume wine, the general condition after eating food will also depend, since with some foods the wine is mixed poorly.

Wine set "Avalon" is a whole collection of works. Exactly the same as the great classics. Hamon, cheeses (gudbrandsdalen, taledzhio, shevrano, barolo, stilton), dried tomato, olives with almonds, olives with pepper, pepper stuffed with cheese, truffle honey, bridge. No, it's impossible to try!
Hookah as a philosophy of taste

For our guests, the hookah has long been transformed into a philosophy of pleasure, meditation and ritual that gathers close people together after a busy day. For our hookahs, nothing is impossible: they will accurately introduce you to the mystery of taste and sensations and arrange a virtual journey to the riddles of the East. With the choice of taste of the device, our hookah sommelier will definitely help. And you will only have to enjoy.

Traditional Italian food
As you know, bruschetta is a traditional dish from Central Italy. It is ideal in front of basic meals for "raising appetite." A distinctive feature of the bruschetta from a sandwich or a toast is that the slices of bread are preliminarily dried before roasting (on a grill, grill or in a frying pan without oil).
martini terrace