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Leontovicha str., 3
Taras Shevchenko
Lounge restaurant
Lounge restaurant Avalon offers its guests to visit some of the best restaurants in the center of Kiev and taste delicious dishes and drinks served in the stylish atmosphere of modern luxury.
Discover the breakfast in Avalon!
Each of us has their favorite and comfortable breakfasts. But sometimes I want to try new things. The team of our chefs knows, like no one else, that everyone has different tastes.

For this reason, in our breakfast menu there are always bright new items.

In Avalon, you can start your day not only with oatmeal or cheese cakes, but with a croissant with freshly salted salmon, "Buko" cheese, fresh cucumber and baby spinach leaves, kalea salad, ruccola leaves, fried sunflower seeds, crispy buckwheat and poached egg, as well as, for example, a tomato scramble with tiger shrimp tails, baby-squid, Feta cheese and cereal toast.
Lunch: the best chefs prepare food for you!
Successful people never miss a dinner, because they know that it will not do them any good.

Time for lunch, they take just enough to not eat in a hurry, because of a good dinner depends on their well-being in the long term, and hence the well-being of their business.

We come to lunch as thoroughly as to breakfast, so here it is - a real man's lunch: a marbled beef steak with spicy gorgonzola, asparagus and truffle pasta. Come to visit us!
The secret of cooking bouillabais in Marseilles.
Today we disclose the secret of cooking buyabesa in Marseilles from our chef. Extraordinarily tasty fish soup, made from red fish, Chilean sea bass, mussels, squid and shrimp.

Fish and seafood fry on hot olive oil with the addition of rosemary, thyme and garlic. Flambiruem brandy and boil in white wine. Add the rich fish broth, sea salt, chili pepper and Italian sauce.

Sauce on a secret recipe from our chef. A small stroke: bruschetta from white ciabatta, rubbed with garlic. Greenery and wow! Have a nice appetite and see you at a real Italian dinner!
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