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Leontovicha str., 3
Leontovicha str., 3

A-Karaoke оснащён профессиональным звуковым и световым оборудованием. Для вас работают лучшие вокалистки, звукорежиссеры и ведущие, а в VIP-комнате вы сможете отдохнуть со воими друзьями отдельно от остальных гостей A-Karaoke! 

Plateau of aged cheeses
"Plateau of aged cheeses" - this is the real trump card of our menu.

This is a whole army of cheeses, which is always ready for battle for your attention for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No wonder the Cuban saying goes: "Cheese, wine and real friends must be sustained by time." In this dish you will find the tastes of refined France, stiff England, sunny Italy and, in addition, the harsh Scandinavia! Especially recommend you caramel Norwegian cheese, as well as cheese, soaked in whiskey and black roquefort - the favorite of all French kings. An ideal offer for both wine and cocktail. Bon appetit and see you in Avalon!
Meet Clover Club - our new best friend
We got carried away by the Sauvries and it's true. Well, how can they not be loved? Meet Clover Club - our new friend. We want you to be friends too. Shall I tell you something about him? Based on gin, with raspberries and vanilla syrup and, of course, protein. For girls, he will definitely become a best friend! Men, for you would like to offer Macallan sour. With notes of ginger, sherry, bitter and lemon. Moderately sweet and quite strong. Good evening and see you in Avalon.
To all those who are still in pursuit of an ideal steak.
To all those who are in pursuit of an ideal steak and its fry, attention: you need to urgently try our seasoned steak Tomahawk of the Angus breed.

He comes from the United States and in it everything is perfect - from the appearance to the taste sensations. The premium marble American riba on the bone in form really resembles the legendary fighting ax of the Indians (tomahawk), but the taste, as our constant guest says about it: "... so delicious that now I understand why at Al Capone before death this steak was the last desire. "

Delicate meat with a nutty delicate taste, which gives a bone, really leaves no one indifferent.